Give Back to the Environment and
Fill Your Pockets

Container recycling in Johnson City and Binghamton, NY

Have you been looking for easier ways to return your deposit containers and make money at the same time? The Can Man is here to help. For the average person it can be challenging to return their deposit containers - it requires extra time and effort. We figure, why not make it easier for you to return and get paid for your deposit containers? The Can Man makes it easy for people to return their deposit containers AND get money for their containers.

In 1995, a husband and wife dedicated themselves to picking up Deposit Containers from homes in their community and paying for them on pickup. From these humble beginnings, The Can Man now employs 30-40 people in Johnson City and Binghamton. We operate two trucks and perform around 30-45 scheduled pickups per day for homes, business, schools and bottle drives. Returning your deposit containers has never been easier or more impactful.

Contact us today and schedule your residential or commercial pick-up! We pickup Bottle Drives Also!!

How it works

In order to get money for your deposit containers all you have to do is sort and count out your NY deposit labeled containers and call for a pickup OR just bring them to either our Johnson City or Binghamton, N.Y. location. We get you in and out fast, so don't worry about having to wait in long lines or standing at those machines feeding your cans into, or if you are in a hurry let us know and you can drop off your bags and come back later when you are ready and we'll have your money ready when you return.

Don't feel like dropping your returnables off? Call to schedule a pickup and we will make it even easier for you to get your money.

What we accept

We pay 5 cents for the following NY deposit labeled items We accept most brands. :

•Aluminum cans such as soda, beer, etc.
•Plastic bottles such as water or soda bottles

We also accept non-deposit aluminum cans for which you'll receive 1/2 cent, BUT you need to keep them in a separate bag.

If you have specific questions, give us a call at 607-797-2970! The Can Man can't wait to put money in your pocket and help you redeem & recycle.

We often run promotions to reward you for redeeming at The Can Man. Ask about getting a Gold Card or Platinum Card. After getting 10 stamps receive 7 cents or 7 1/2 cents on your 11th visit!