Redemption Made Easy

Redemption Made Easy

Container redemption services in Johnson City and Binghamton, NY

The Can Man helps you redeem and make money easily by providing residential and commercial redemption services to the southern tier of New York. We have two locations where you can bring in your deposit containers and get cash back. Or you can schedule a pickup—it’s that simple.

When it’s that easy, why would you choose any other redemption center?

How it works:

Bring In or have your deposit containers picked up by The Can Man. We will hand sort and count all containers to make sure you get all the money you deserve. Doesn’t that sound easy?

Call and Schedule your pick-up or Bring in your cans, plastic, glass and get cash today!

We accept:

Receive 5 cents for most of your NY Broome County and surrounding area deposit labeled items:

• Aluminum cans such as soda, beer, etc.
• Glass
• Plastic bottles such as water or soda bottles

We also accept NON-deposit aluminum cans for which you’ll receive 1 cent. Keep in mind, we accept most brands.

If you have specific questions, give us a call. Get ready to live a green lifestyle with The Can Man!

Info on Non-Deposit Aluminum Cans:

We pay 1 cent for each non-deposit aluminum can.
(At Both Locations Olive Street Johnson City and Upper Front St Binghamton)

Examples: Ice tea - Snapple, Lemonade, Hawaiian Punch
(Non-deposit cans, flat, totally crushed, etc. As long as it is an aluminum can)

These non-deposit aluminum cans must be in their own separate bags when brought into the can man (if you want to get paid for them). MAKE SURE YOU LET MY EMPLOYEE KNOW THAT YOU HAVE A BAG(S) OF NON-DEPOSIT, so they are not mixed in with deposit ones. If they are mixed in with deposit containers you will not be paid for them.